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<br><br>[https://justpaste.it/xpc0 garage door installation diy]
LibreDevelop is a initiative to build FOSS alternative to Delphi IDE and compiler.
* [[Motivation]]
* [[Concept]]
* [[Implementation]]
* [[Platform]] - generic base application platform
* [[Studio]] - RAD development IDE
* [[Universe]] - forge portal for projects
* [[Compiler]] - Object Pascal/Delphi compatible compiler
* [[Libraries]] - RTL / VCL similar libraries
* [[Operating System]] - demonstration OS
* [[Virtual machine]] - simplified clean design which should run OS and applications
Project source code is available in SVN repository at URL:
==See also==
* [http://www.embarcadero.com/products/delphi Embarcadero Delphi website]

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