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LibreDevelop will be developer platform combine projects around development of free & open source alternative to famous Embarcadero RAD Studio a Delphi/Object pascal language. Main focus is to create online web services to allow rapid development of modular development platform, development environment and open Delphi compiler. Similar to Embarcadero RAD Studio also LibreDevelop Studio will be designed as extensible modular application support also many various compilers. Development will be directed as open under free license. Project will be developed using Embarcadero Delphi and will be later developed with own tools then custom compiler and visual components will be ready.

Sustainability concept

  • Diversity and independence are important key points. There will be no only one final product but it will be constantly evolving as selection of many small parts combined together. Selected finished projects will be combined by maintainers to form complete products.
  • Project will be focused mainly to make easy usable online platform to help maximize efficiency of development process.
  • People with common interests should be connected together to easily reach their goals without taking care about setup of usual development tools and solving common basic problems.
  • Project should be covered by non-profit LibreDevelop foundation then time will come
  • Possible funding models:
    • Pay-for-feature - Customers will pay for particular feature by one time payment.
    • Donations - People who like project would donate any amount to money to project
    • Dedicated external employees - in later phase it would be possible that some companies would pay some of their employees to work on project


  • Develop FOSS Delphi alternative
  • In first phase use Delphi as development tool for fast start and further rapid progress
  • Develop IDE, compiler, libraries to finally create independent development platform